Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Silver Needle White

I have been choosing more delicate teas for my daily cuppa in recent days. Today, I filled this lovely Limoges teacup with a pale gold Silver Needle White, a Chinese white tea. There is something about a really fine cup, with its thin porcelain lip, that complements a delicate beverage like Silver Needle. If I were more knowledgeable, I could talk of finishes and aromas but all I am competent to say is that I thoroughly enjoyed this slightly sweet tea. Again, the steeping recommendations involved steaming but not boiling water and a steeping time of 3 to 4 minutes. I settled on 3 minutes and then decanted the tea to a second warmed pot. I find over-steeping tends to spoil white teas, bringing out a very nasty bitter edge. This is the first time I actually used the Limoges cup and saucer since I found it in an antique shop on the Western Shore [Md] of the Cheasapeake Bay. I must say I could easily become addicted to such fine things. It may be silly to think this tea tasted better when sipped from a dainty cup rather than from a sturdy mug ... but that is my take on it.

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