Monday, November 7, 2011

Silver Spring Plum - A China Green

Normally, I start my day with a strong black tea. But today, my glucometer strongly indicated I would need something to drink without any sweetener. Since I usually sweeten my morning cup of Irish Breakfast, that was out of the question. So I rummaged around my shelf and found this lovely China Green I had forgotten about ... purchased a little over a year ago from SpeacialTeas and stored in an air tight, light tight container after sampling a few cups. As you can see, it comes in a tightly wound ball of tiny olive green and yellow green leaves ... the label calls it a rosette but ball is a much more accurate description. One ball to a 6 oz cup of water that has just begun to steam, steeped for a counter-intuitive 5 minutes and good for multiple infusions. The liquor is a medium gold, the aroma dry is mildly fruity and steeped is mildly vegetal and the flavor is delightfully smooth, a touch of fruit with an undertone of honey. I tried the multiple infusions and the second and third cups were even smoother than the first. Now that I have rediscovered this treasure I shall have to brew it again in the very near future. Unfortunately, I only have seven rosettes/balls left and the supplier is no longer in business.

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