Monday, September 12, 2011

A Thoroughly Silly Post

Like most tea lovers, I fix a large enough pot of tea each morning to fill a to-go thermos to sip while commuting. I leave it on the entryway table so I won't forget it. Half the time I do forget it ... my discreet little to-go thermos is so bland it just seems to blend right into the background. The other half the time, I end up sipping a luke warm brew because very often an hour will elapse between breakfast and departure for the office. My to-go thermos' thermal capacity is only so good. But, I think I have found a solution for both problems. I still put the thermos on the entryway table but I cover it with an oven mitt. Voila, instant tea cosy!!! And one so thoroughly ridiculous looking that I can't help but noticing and grab my tea as I rush out the door. Of course, my husband is probably wondering why there is an oven mitt in the entryhall. But after 40 some odd years of marriage he knows better than to ask foolish questions.

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