Thursday, September 29, 2011

Buy, Buy, Miss America ... Tea?

I have long been curious about the South Carolina tea plantation and have finally gotten around to purchasing a sampler pack of their teas from Bigelow. They come in attractive little black tins with little stickers touting the fact that the tea was grown here in the States. Today, I sampled the Charleston Breakfast tea and found it very pleasant though a little less robust than my customary Irish Breakfast tea. It's the sort of tea that I privately classify as a very good "mug" tea ... well-suited to the work-a-day routines of ordinary life. It's not the sort of tea one needs to sip from a fine porcelain cup, with serene music playing softly in the background and flowers, dainty biscuits and silverware on the tea tray. This is the sort of thing you put in your to-go cup for the daily commute or make up at the office using an electric tea kettle and one-mug filtration deal. A good strong mug-on-the-desk sort of tea. I expect this little tin is going to find its way into the tea stash in my desk's second left drawer. I will be tasting the other teas in this sampler pack over the next few days and will report on them as well.

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  1. There is nothing like a great cup of tea.The ones in your photo look most interesting. I live in the UK and while I like a good old fashioned cuppa, I also like to try all sorts of different teas..I know a lot of them now by their fragrance :)and there are so many out there.My most recent favourite has been Bush Tea, I've seen it on the shelves for a while, but never tried it. I love its refreshing quality. Here's to the next cuppa,whichever one it is that you choose :)